Tandem paragliding

Paragliding is an extreme activity with a high level of passive safety. Flights are carried out only in appropriate weather conditions, the Participant of the flight is provided with a helmet and the necessary equipment to provide protection. All instructor pilots have the appropriate tandem flight license and pilot’s certificate, which is recognized in most countries of the world. Each Pilot flies with a reserve parachute, which is designed for the weight of the Pilot and Participant together. But it is important to remember that paragliding remains an extreme sport and involves some risk. By the way, follow the link to book a tandem paragliding in Georgia.

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Starting place and method of take-off of a paraglider

Starting point for paragliding can be an open area that meets the technical requirements. Take-off with a paraglider can take place:

from feet with a run-up from a slope
from the winch fixed to the car
Taking into consideration specificity of our region most paragliding flights are made from winch.

Instruction before the paraglider flight
Preparation briefing takes 5-10 minutes. Flying a paraglider in tandem doesn’t demand any special skills because an experienced Instructor-pilot does everything for a Participant.

Duration, speed and altitude of a paragliding flight
Duration of the tandem flight with a Pilot-instructor varies from 5 to 10 minutes. The paraglider moves at the speed and direction of the wind. The altitude of the flight is controlled by the Pilot.

How to dress when paragliding
The most important thing is your shoes. Your shoes must protect your feet and be as comfortable as possible (sneakers or boots). Flip-flops, slippers, high-heeled shoes, platform or wedge heels are not suitable. It is forbidden to fly barefoot.

Clothing – comfortable, athletic, not constraining the movements, preferably completely covering arms and legs. To protect your eyes from dust, wind, foreign objects we recommend to have goggles.